A Beginner’s Guide To WordPress

I’m in the middle of trying to figure out WooCommerce. The plugin itself isn’t the hard part. It’s the settings. Specifically – the taxes & shipping. I need to go to the store & see if they got a book for dummies because I’ve been Googling like nobody’s business & have yet to find an online article for dummies.

But I did find this article. It’s a beginner’s step by step guide to starting a WordPress blog. It even has pics. I don’t know why they call it a “blog”. Once WordPress added the ability to create webpages, it became a content management system. I also don’t know why they’re trying to send you to Bluehost. Why would you pay for a blog when you can go to WordPress.com & get one for free?

WordPress.com is the best place for beginners. They don’t let you upload, install or tweak much of anything so you can test away without fear of breaking something. All you can do there is add content. Once I install & set up WordPress on your own site that’s what you’ll need to do there.

Since they don’t mention pages, they don’t tell you how to create one, but I can see the link to do so in one of their images. Adding pages is the same as adding posts but you don’t have to worry about categories or tags. You do have to worry about adding them to a menu so people can get to them though. Down under appearance – customize, there’s another image that shows you where you’d change everything from site title & tagline to menus to widgets.

Another thing they don’t mention or show an image of is that on many pages within the backend there’s a question mark in a circle at the bottom of the page. It leads to their help articles & there’s a search feature. Between this article & the lot of theirs – I hope it helps.

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