I’ve always loved arts & crafts. But my mom worked even harder than my dad, so she was lucky to find the time to sew a button back on. She couldn’t teach me anything. And since we moved off away from family, she was all I had. I did have an aunt by marriage try to teach me how to make a potholder within the week we were visiting. Then we went away for another year & I forgot what she taught me.

Fast forward to adulthood. My younger brother’s mother-in-law crocheted ball gown type Barbie doll dresses that went over toilet paper rolls. I really wanted to learn how to make those. But I was too busy being a mom just like my mom once was. Then my brother’s mother-in-law died & I forgot about it again.

Fast forward to around 4 years ago when I moved to Tahlequah. A former neighbor knew how to crochet ball gown type Barbie doll dresses. She taught me. Here’s my first:

My First Doll

The difference between now & when I was a kid & young adult is we have the net. More importantly, we have YouTube. I got on there & next thing you know I’ve got crochet books, crochet magazines, hooks in about every size & tubs full of yarn. Now I’ve got a closet full of hats, scarves, cowls, ponchos, capes, wraps & other things all waiting for a good home. And I need to find them one because while I love making things, I don’t have the room to store them.

I’ve created a makeshift shop.  If you’re interested in anything contact me. If you’re local (Tahlequah) or close by I’ll accept cash & we can arrange a time & place to meet for local pickup. If you’re distant I’ll find the best rate for shipping, send you a PayPal link & once paid your package will be on its way.

I’ve also uploaded pics of things I’ve done in the past & already sold or given away to my Facebook page. If you see anything you like I can make it again. I also share free patterns on my page. If you come stumble across one there or elsewhere & need me to make it for you – contact me.