Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves

This pattern is broken up into 2 parts. Both are for medium/large adult hands. But one’s for regular wrists 7″+ while the other’s for smaller wrists -7″. I’ve been using the one for smaller wrists all along & some find them still a bit loose. If that’s the case, you may need the child size.

There’s just the 2 parts. But she adds that for larger hands add so many more chains & for smaller add so many less. Not a word about changing up the rows of dragon tears that you have – which is 7. So, for kids I’ve been cutting back to 5. If you have short fingers, you may want me to do the same.

A Note About The Yarn

The pattern calls for size 3 yarn so I’m using Mandala put out by Lion Brand just like the pattern creator. But I’m buying mine from my local Walmart. I’ve visited both links. They’re showing more options on Walmart’s site than they are on Lion Brand’s site. One thing to note is just because it’s on Walmart’s site doesn’t mean it’s in my local Walmart. Evidently the people of my town aren’t big on arts & crafts? Plus they’re slow to re-stock what they do carry. Sometimes I have to go to another town. Sometimes I have to order things sent from one Walmart to my local Walmart. It just depends.

At Lion Brand’s site you can click on little circles to see a close up view of the colors within a skein of yarn. Notice they all start in one color & end in another? The pattern creator claims she controls the colors. It would require a bit of cutting & also tying back on & then hiding the tails. I found it easier to buy 2 skeins of the same yarn starting & ending in the same colors. That’s what I did in the 3rd pic above.

The purple in the 1st & 2nd pics, light pink & gray plus black & gray in the 2nd pic were all made with Mandala yarn not appearing on Lion Brand’s site – at least not at that link. They’re the same pattern repeating. So you should see most of the colors within both gloves. But with both gloves coming from the same skein there’s no guarantee where. Here again if you’d prefer they match more exactly I’d have to get 2 skeins just like above. Simply note it when you order. 🙂

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