How To Become A Notary

I went to the American Association of Notaries. It says they have all you need in one place. Then the first thing they did was send me to the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s site. I filed for a new commission & paid the fee. In no time they sent me papers back saying I was pending a bond.

Back to the other site I went for a bond & a stamp. But they asked me if I had things I didn’t even have. When I said no they blocked me from going further. When I said yes I was allowed to get a bond & stamp. Then they’re the ones who gave me what I need to pass go. It was the 2 oaths – & they came with the bond.

I had to wait ’til my stamp arrived to stamp the bond plus have things notarized before going back to the secretary of state’s site to file my bond & pay another fee. Then I went from pending to approved. I’ve got a binder with everything in it & a stamp ready to go. 😊

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