I stumbled across this site not long after my mom died nearly 18 years ago. For around $50 I not only got a memorial page – I got a whole memorial site. It was supposed to be lifetime. On the front page was her pic, stats & bio. On another page was a whole gallery. I could’ve uploaded video & audio files too if I’d had any. On another page was a place to share memories. On another page was a place to light a candle & leave a note. I also could’ve posted her tree.

17 years ago I did what I could & moved on. Not long ago I checked it & the light a candle & leave a note page had been taken over by spam bots who left links to porno sites & such. Notifications were being sent to my spam folder so I had no clue. There were thousands of them & was no way to mass delete them. I tried to contact the site owner/admin but they’ve abandoned ship. I researched to find they haven’t replied to people in years. Yet they still accept payments & take donations.

I deleted her site thinking I could start over & block the ability to automatically light a candle & leave a note. But when I tried her new site wasn’t lifetime. And again – the site owner/admin has abandoned ship. So I sponsored her memorial at Find A Grave for $5 & moved what I could over there. And much like with all I can do is warn people so consider yourself warned.

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