Princess Sara’s Outfit

Most dresses come together where the skirt starts. If this one was supposed to the pattern creator didn’t tell us. So, while there’s a button at the top in the back like usual, the rest is open. You’ll either have to leave it open or tuck it together when you lay your baby down.

In the future, I could close it up. I’m just not sure what’s comfortable for a baby? Laying on the yarn or bareback on whatever is underneath it? What do you think?

Another thing I wasn’t thrilled about was adding border around the soles of the booties when all was said & done. It should’ve been added before the sides were started. Or there should’ve been a video or more pics & preferably in a lighter color. Instead, I made more flowers & put them on opposite sides of the booties. If you’d prefer the booties without flowers let me know.

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