Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves


Dragon tears fingerless gloves.


I bought the pattern for these at Etsy. The creator calls them Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves. They include instructions for S/M/L adult wrists. I could also make XL or a child’s size. There’s also 7 rows of dragon tears for adults so if you have short fingers you may want less.

This pattern is broken up into 2 parts. Both are for M/L adult hands. But one’s for regular wrists 7″+ while the other’s for smaller wrists -7″. I’ve been using the one for smaller wrists all along & some find them still a bit loose. If that’s the case, you may need the child size.

There’s just the 2 parts. But she adds that for larger hands add so many more chains & for smaller deduct so many less. Not a word about changing up the rows of dragon tears that you have – which is 7. So, for kids I’ve been cutting back to 5. If you have short fingers, you may want me to do the same for you.

Since I did buy the pattern, this will be an item you can pre-order/back-order.  You can choose a different size or different colors.  When you go to check out there’s a space for additional info/order notes.  You can either do it there or contact me.  Just note that it takes a while to hand-make things.  Plus, if I’m already working on a project for someone else, I’ll have to finish it first.  But I’ll let you know when you contact me & I’ll keep you up to date.

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Adult, Child


Black – Gray – Creme, Blue – Purple, Dark Pink – Light Pink – White, Gray – Pink, Gray – Turquoise, Green – Maroon – Tan, Green – Purple – Pink, Light Pink – Dark Pink, Light Pink – Medium Pink, Mint Green – Green, Pastel Pink – Purple, Pink – Gray, Purple – Green, Purple – Pink, Shades of Purple, White – Green, White – Green Tips, White – Peach – Pink, White – Pink Tips, White – Yellow, Yellow – White Ends


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