WordPress Install & Set Up


WordPress install & set up.

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Step 1: Order your domain name from Namecheap (affiliate link).

Step 2: Order your hosting from SiteGround (affiliate link).

Step 3: Contact me with your username & password to both places because I’ll need them to point your domain name to your host’s servers, create at least one email account & install WordPress to your host’s server.  You must also supply me with a username & password that you want to use for both your email & website accounts.

* Note: I would make your username & password the same for all 4 accounts – Namecheap, SiteGround, your email & website accounts.  When I’m done & I’ve added myself as an admin to your site so I can help you out later, you can always change at least your passwords if you’d feel better.  I’ll let you know when.

** Note: You must have at least one email address matching your domain name to be able to use contact forms.  But if you’d prefer sticking with a personal email address via gmail or somebody, I can always forward it on.  I’ll just need to know your personal email address.

For $250.00, I’ll install WordPress & set it up.  To learn more about this service go here.  To learn more about WordPress, themes & plugins visit my blog.


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