Remote Online Notarization

As a notary, I’ve been researching this possibility. It would be nice, especially during a pandemic, to handle everything online. Plus, I could help people all over Oklahoma…not just in Tahlequah. But the more I research it the more I’m against it. Other notaries have a point. We signed something saying that we’d make sure people were of sound mind. That’s hard to do in person much less online.

Back when I worked at a tag agency somebody came in & lied to my face. He wouldn’t hand me a driver’s license…throughout the transaction he kept his thumb over the picture. So I took it from him. It wasn’t his. He & the person in the picture were 2 different people. I even showed it to my supervisor. She said there was nothing we could do about it & forced me to finish the transaction. A notarization must not have been involved because when it comes to my name there would’ve been something I could do about it. But I still didn’t want anything to do with this. And 17 years later, as my own boss, I won’t have anything to do with this.

Otherwise I’m sure a printer would be required & while I do have one it’s almost always out of ink. Plus it’s yet another fee. So, for now at least, I won’t be offering this service.

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