I’m offering Website design, genealogy research & notary public services. I have years of experience in each & love helping people so if you’re in need contact me.

Website Design

I prefer building websites with WordPress. After you pick/pay for a domain name & pick/pay for a hosting plan I’ll install it & set it up for you. Click the button below for more info.

Genealogy Research

My mom died in 2004 & I’ve had my own tree online since shortly after. I started with a little info from my maternal grandma & a whole book going back to the first relative in OK from a paternal aunt. Now I have over 100,000 people in my tree. Click the button below for more info.

Notary Public

In 2003 I worked for a tag agency & they required me to be a notary, so they paid for it. This time it was on my dime. If you live in Tahlequah, OK, click the button below for more info.