This is a new site. I was willing to use Gmail with it. But my contact form wouldn’t work without an email that matched my domain name. So, I created one. I’ve been sharing it but hadn’t really used it. Yesterday I got spam mail already. Somebody offering to build me a website…lol. I replied that I was reporting them for spam. The email came back as undeliverable.

I’ve slept since then so I can’t remember why I sent an email to myself. But I did & it went straight into my spam folder. So, I Googled. What’s up with that? One site told me to go to this one & test my email. So, I did. I got 4 point something out of 10. And I found out I’ve already been blacklisted by somebody.

Again, this is a new email & I’ve sent 4 emails with it & 2 were to the testing place. One was to the actual spammer & one was to me. How can I be blacklisted already? The site that blacklisted me said something about auto-responders. No, it wasn’t an auto-responder who responded to the spammer – it was me.

They had a contact link but when I clicked on it the site said it was no use. That they’d heard every excuse. That I could either pay or wait ’til my blacklisting was up. Now I can’t help but wonder if they’re not the ones who spammed me? I wonder if my host can help me block & blacklist them?

I did go to my host because all I did was create an email. I don’t know much about DNS records. The site that gave me a bad score said I was missing some things. I copy/pasted everything they said to my host & my host claims to have fixed it. It’s going to take some time to get through the system. Then at least my score should be better.

But then I read that even with good scores people get sent to spam. Being so new doesn’t help. So, I’m rethinking newsletters, especially since I rarely if ever have news anyway. And for a while anyway if someone legit uses my contact me form I’ll have to reply with 2 email addresses just in case one gets sent to spam.

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