What Are Plugins

With the WordPress software alone multiple users can easily add web pages & blog posts not to mention media. Plus visitors can comment on things & share them. Plugins simply add extra features like a shop or events calendar with RSVP capabilities.

Most free WordPress plugins are tried & true. Others don’t play well with either the software or another plugin. So less is better. And if you need several it’s best to add them one at a time & test it out before adding another. Then if you end up with bugs you’ll know it was the last one you added that did it & can simply undo it.

If you want/need plugins I highly suggest you go SiteGround (affiliate link). It doesn’t matter which plan you go with; you can still use them there. At WordPress.com you have to have the Business plan at $25/mo or eCommerce plan at $45/mo. And you have to pay them annually so that could put quite a dent in your bank account.

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