Woodland Wonders Romper Set

The pattern for these was a bit lacking. First & foremost, it’s calling for a size 3 thread & that’s hard to find in solid colors like these. At least it is at my local Walmart. So, although I followed the newborn instructions, I think these could fit 6-12 months old. I’m going to try this in a smaller hook because it’s either that or drive to another town.

Otherwise, it said you needed a pompom maker but didn’t say what size to make in what color(s) for which animal(s). And although it did tell you how to make the ears & fox’s tail, it didn’t tell you where to attach them. I couldn’t tell by the pics included. So, I had to go back to where I bought it & check out the pics she has posted there. Luckily, I was able to figure things out.

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